We now have two campuses, Little Star Winthrop and Little Star Twisp. Come visit us to see the new spaces for our students, learn more about our expanded programs or to simply pause and delight in the wonder of childhood. To arrange a tour, please contact Geva for the Winthrop campus and Laurel for the Twisp campus.


Earth Building

The Earth Building was constructed in 1992 and was Little Star’s first permanent home in Winthrop. Purpose built by the A.J. Brown Company, it features open, airy classrooms, excellent natural light and child-sized cooking and cleaning facilities. Today, the Earth Building houses Little Star’s Early Childhood classrooms (ages 3 to 6 years).


Galaxy Building

The Galaxy Building was designed by PBW Architects and constructed by the A.J. Brown Company in 2018. Its spacious layout and open format invite cross-classroom collaboration and facilitates multi-age student activities. The Galaxy Building houses our Winthrop Infant and Toddler Programs, our active space for indoor physical play during times of inclement weather or smoke, our community kitchen for parent events and our administrative offices and reception area.


Little Star Twisp

Also known as the Little Star South Collaborative, our Twisp facility has a unique history as a refrigerated tree cooler for the US Forest Service! Fully remodeled in 2017, it is now a cozy, welcoming space featuring natural materials and beautiful child-sized fixtures. It also has an amazing covered deck for outdoor play. The Twisp campus houses our Twisp Infant and Toddler Programs.


Outdoor spaces

At Little Star, outdoor activity is an integral part of all of our programs. Students from infants through kindergartners spend a significant portion of each day outdoors, rain, snow or shine (we do limit outdoor activity during periods of extreme cold and poor air quality due to wildfire smoke).

In Winthrop, our Earth and Galaxy Buildings are connected by an expansive playground featuring natural logs, rocks, play structures, native plants and trees, and a large sand feature. The infant and toddler rooms have their own playground with toddler sized swings, structures and varied surfaces for a diverse multi-sensory experience.

In Twisp, the students stay active in a large outdoor covered deck, and an infant and toddler-specific playground with a variety of appropriately sized structures, surfaces and activities. It also has some beautiful old shade trees! The students spend lots of outdoor time off-campus at the nearby TwispWorks splash pad, Native Plant Garden and Methow Valley Interpretive Center.

Photography by Benjamin Drummond