Early Childhood


Our multi-age classroom environment provides a challenging and stimulating experience, and fosters great joy in learning as the students make their own choices and discoveries.

It offers younger children the opportunity to be curious, observe the older children and see what lies ahead for them with lessons and materials. For older students, it delivers a familiar learning environment, strong relationships with teachers and a safe environment to develop confidence and be a leader. Children often learn best from imitating and guidance from their peers, and the opportunity to teach a newly learned skill to another is a profound learning experience in thought organization and social interaction. These peer-to-peer interactions are a hallmark of a Montessori classroom and benefit both the learner and the ‘coaching’ peer.

Through the use of Montessori materials, our early childhood students are introduced to phonetic reading and beginning math skills integrated with art, drama, science, geography, puppetry, storytelling and more! The children learn and grow at their own rates and according to their own interests. Enrichment opportunities such as creative movement and dance, music, Spanish and yoga happen regularly. Field trip opportunities for the class, as well as specific learning adventures for the kinders, are also offered throughout the year.

The Montessori method nurtures the whole personality of the child, which includes the power of deliberation, initiative and independent choice. Our students are encouraged to participate as members of Little Star’s real social community. They learn fundamental social skills which form the basis of good citizenship.

Consistency is necessary to encourage each child to see themself as part of the greater social and cooperative community of our school, as well as to maximize their understanding of, and ability to benefit from, the Montessori curriculum and materials. Therefore, Little Star requires a minimum three-day enrollment for early childhood students.

All of our early childhood teachers are background checked and trained in STARS Childcare Basics, Positive Discipline and Montessori theory and practice. They are certified in first aid and CPR, and they participate in continuing education on an annual basis.

Age level
3 to 5 years (preschool)

Student-teacher ratio

Program hours
Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–1:00, 3:30 or 5:15 p.m.

Minimum enrollment
3 days


School year
Day camps are available July–August